Andrea Zeni lives and works in Tesero (Trento - Italy), a beautiful town located along the Fiemme Valley, in the middle of the Dolomites, not far from famous tourist’s resorts.


He began and developed his professional experience by the factory “Ciresa” in Tesero, where he worked from 1991 to 1995, manufacturing and assembling eight new instruments of various dimensions. The most important was the one on baroque German style placed in the Parish Church of “Cristo Re” in Trento.


In 1996, he started working independently in his own laboratory in Tesero, with the following aims and objectives:

  1. Manufacturing instruments suitable to be noticed and mentioned for their sound, efficiency and appearance;
  2. Studying new instruments following the tradition, but also with a specific personality;
  3. Taking care of all the parts and the components through all stages of the manufacturing process.


Since 1996, following a careful study and a passionate research, he manufactured new organs of various dimensions with different historical and esthetical characteristics. Among them we can note:

  • the organ in Salgareda (Treviso - Italy) in romantic French style
  • S.Lucia di Budoia (Pordenone - Italy) in classic French style
  • Vicenza (Italy) Church S.Maria in Foro detta dei Servi in late baroque German style
  • Bolzano (Italy) in nordic baroque style
  • Predazzo (Trento – Italy) in romantic style
  • Savorgnano (Pordenone - Italy) in classic venetian style
  • Vicenza (Italy) academy in Gottfried Silbermann style
  • Ponte della Priula (Treviso - Italy) in romantic French style


Thanks to the excellent raw materials used in manufacturing his organs and the quality of the instruments features he received compliments by other organ manufacturers and famous organists.


Organists who played on Zeni’s organs:

Ai Yoshida, Aude Heurtematte, Christophe Mantoux, Claudio Astronio, Daniel Roth, Federico Vallini, Heinrich Walder, Jürgen Essl, Lorenzo Ghielmi, Louis Robillard, Ludger Lohmann,,Marie Claire Alain, Michel Bouvard, Naji Hakim, Pier Damiano Peretti,  Roberto Antonello, Simone Vebber, Sophie Veronique Caushefer, Stefano Rattini.